Frequently Asked Questions.

Why choose CLMA over another makeup academy?

Make up is a rapidly evolving sector and requires constant adaptation to be relevant and achieve the highest standard of work. Here at CLMA we change the pace as fast as it happens to ensure our teachings  are ahead of the game and to the highest level possible. For attention to detail there is no one who can compete with our teaching schedule in the field of Fashion Make Up Schools due to Cassie’s involvement at every stage.

CLMA has an outstanding Aftercare service with their Events Team and also offers a series of Masterclasses to all graduates throughout the academic year which are all free and a great way to keep evolving and remain inspired by having that ongoing access to leading industry specialists.

Who teaches us?

The BEST that the industry has to offer!!!

All the tutors at CLMA are freelance and well respected in their fields. Every tutor is hand picked by Cassie and teaches her defined schedule as she would teach it herself. Although Cassie is usually found hopping on and off private jets all over the globe you will be under her close watch and teachings when she takes your class at the academy.

All tutors are open to offering the opportunity for students to assist them so take advantage of it and make yourself stand out from the crowd to secure your chance.

Will I get a job?

Yes, if you work hard then nothing can get in the way of your success but only you can define that. CLMA are renowned for their aftercare service, leading events team full of talented graduates and most recently the Creatives Agency launched by Cassie herself representing the hot talent emerging from the academy as well as the best tutors and outside talent that is on offer.

If you go to University nothing guarantees you a job on graduation and Makeup is the same. We can however assure you that at CLMA it is in our interest to help you into work to continue our success story and remain the market leader. We are here for you for your whole career, not just the time you spend on the course.

Can I come to see the school?

Yes of course. We encourage any potential students to come and have a look at the academy and talk to us face to face about what they want from their future makeup career. Your training is a huge financial investment and we want to make sure that you are completely happy with what can do for you before you commit to a course. 

Do I need previous experience?

No not at all. Most of our courses are designed with beginners in mind. It sometimes helps if you are completely new to applying makeup so we can teach you from scratch. For a detailed look at all of our suitable beginners courses head to our prospectus

How old do I need to be to enrol on course?

We have a minimum starting age of 16, but after that there are no limits. 

Will I learn everything in such a short time?

The courses may seem short but they are really intense. We work mainly on a practical level, making sure everyone is practising all the time, so by the time you graduate your skills are perfect relative to the course you have completed. 

What qualifications will I get?

We don't work on standard qualifications here, as a a makeup artist you are never asked about what qualifications you have. Instead people work on portfolios and examples of your work. What you need is proof that you can do the job so thats our main focus. We do assess your work throughout the course to make sure you are achieving a high enough skill level to be successful in your career and will grade you accordingly, either awarding you a CLMA diploma or a certificate of completion. 

Who will help me when I leave?

We have an Events Team which is a great opportunity for you to start getting work experience when you leave the academy, working with many brands within the Fashion, TV, Music and editorial industries. We also have Masterclasses throughout the year, teaching new trends and up to date techniques which we offer free to graduates. We encourage all our students to come back to these as much as you can so you can continue learning 

Will Cassie be teaching us?

Yes Cassie teaches elements of each course and she is extremely active in the day to day operations of the academy, but she is still a working makeup artist and as such isn't here every day. Cassie's team of tutors are industry leaders, having personally been trained by her in all aspects of the courses we offer. 

Who will I be practicing on?

You practise on your other class mates and our practical sessions are often timed to complete your look, much like you would be when working in the industry. On occasion there will be times when we request for you to bring models to practice on, but you will be given notice and we can help if you are struggling. 

Will coursework be included in all courses?

Yes, but we don't focus on the scientific part of makeup. Are courses are designed to ensure you are great practically and the course work included is mainly research that will help you in your career.