Student Shoots: Backstage at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

What a fantastic day we had shooting in the studio on our student photo shoots at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy

The girls on our Ultimate Pro makeup course are coming to the end of their time at the Academy and it’s time to take all the skills they have learnt and put them to the test.

Our Ultimate Pro Makeup Artistry Course really is THE ultimate beginners platform for developing the skills required to become one of the best makeup artists in the industry. Our course runs for three months, Monday to Friday from 10am to 4.30pm teaching everything from hygeine and studio etiquette, hair styling and the business of makeup to fashion makeup, blogging and makeup shopping (read more about our course here). After a vigorous twelve weeks learning from some of the most talented tutors in the game, the students pull together everything they have learnt in preparation for their final shoots. These are the building blocks for their working portfolio when they leave.

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Manchester Ultimate Pro Makeup Course

Our shoot took place at fivefourstudios, a stunning location in the heart of Manchester with chic interior and the perfect sized space to conduct the most professional shoots (read here about them here) It is a real hands on experience of the industry and how they may be working in the near future. What a treat!

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Ultimate Pro Makeup Artist Course

The students all have a designated time slot throughout the day to prep their models and shoot their look. I start the day with a demo for them early in the morning so that they can get to grips with the processes involved in capturing the perfect shot and how makeup can differ on models on set from working with personal clients day to day. My look this week was simple, fashionskin and naturally effortless. I focused on a luminous skin with a coral glossiness to create a soft yet standout beauty shot.

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Manchester

Our photographer for the shoot was the incredibly talented Karl Collins who regularly shoots with me. His work is of the upmost standards which will give the girls a real taste of working with a professional photographer. He also works really well with advising them on what looks best, if anything needs changing and what to look out for on set.


Whilst my shoot took place, the girls watched how the shoot was conducted, from lighting and positioning of the model to hair placement and consistently viewing the shots to notice which areas of the face needed further emphasising with makeup. This was the final time the girls could soak everything up before it was their turn.

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Student Final Shoots
Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Manchester

The studio had mixed emotions, excitement to finally put all their skills into practice yet a slight wave of nervousness as all their work was now to be put to the ultimate test after three long months on their Ultimate Pro Makeup Artistry course

Each student had prepared a brief and moodboard for their shoot which is an essential part of completing any makeup course. They spent a huge amount of time researching the fashion styling for the shoot which would ultimately lead them to deciding the hair style and most importantly the makeup look they wanted to portray. 

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Manchester
Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Manchester

With the guidance of myself and the Photographer Karl, the girls worked really hard to ensure they achieved the perfect shot. 

Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy Manchester

Once our students had finished their shoot it wasn’t quite time to relax because we encourage them to work as a team and help our their fellow students who are still yet to shoot. It’s all learning and watching and growing all day.

I always love shooting with the students, it creates a deep sense of pride knowing that through learning in my Manchester makeup academy they become so committed and passionate about making their mark in the makeup industry. The results from the shoot were phenomenal and I can only praise them for their sheer dedication and enthusiasm.

And that’s A WRAP!

We always welcome students into the Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy with open arms and want to help shape the careers of the future generation of makeup artists

Our courses run throughout the year in various disciplines and for varied durations. If you are interested in undergoing makeup training with us at the Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy you can ring us at any time for a chat or even come down and see us! 

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