Our summer Ultimate Pro graduates

CLMA has come to the end of another amazing Ultimate Pro makeup artistry course, we couldn’t be prouder of our summer students, but don’t take our word, below is what two of our course gratudates Kelly & Faye had to say about their love for makeup, there plans after CLMA and their inspirations… 


Kelly Chilton 

Hi I’m Kelly, my love of make-up started from a love of art and beautiful images, and my natural creativity is something I have been destined to pursue. As such, I decided to change my successful, long term career in business management to follow my real desire to be an artist. 

My skills in customer relationship management and are key to making my makeup artistry business a success. My strong business acumen and natural flare for makeup artistry, coupled with best in class training I received at the Cassie Lomas Make up academy, has enabled me to develop a a diverse skill set, an amazing network of talented people and has led me to a career I have always dreamed of! 

Cassie Lomas - I admire the drive, professionalism, personable approach, discipline and obvious passion behind her brand. Also love the variation of work she does, the fashion ‘edge’ she has and also her talent in business. Would love to utilise my experience and relationship management skills, not only to be an artist in my own right, but to also be part of a business like CLMA & Creatives. Mixing the two really appeals to me and as part of building my own brand and freelance career, would be interested in understanding the mechanisms of both sides of the businesses and would welcome to the opportunity to actually work as part of the team.

Samantha Helen - just love her creativity, her insta page is incredible. I am so interested in what she does and in awe of her success at such a young age. Most inspirational thing about her is how well connects with you on a personal level, yet remaining truly professional. Her personal story and how she responds in such a positive way is humbling. I don’t know how I will be at this type of artistry, but looking forward to trying 

Emmy Clarkson - inspired by her talent, attitude and variation in her work. So ‘real’ and grounded, sharing real life, experiences in a funny, engaging way, but so professional - demonstrating how personality is key as key as skills when building this type of career.

Pat McGrath; for obvious reasons! Just an amazing artist and inspirational business woman. 

Faye Cumberbatch 


Hi I’m Faye, I help people to create their own signature makeup style to suit their own personal brand. We don’t all have the same signature so I feel that it is important that our makeup reflects our individual personalities. 

 Beauty is something people should do to relax, destress, help them to maintain themselves to allow them to manage daily life and most importantly enjoy and have fun with. Using my skills as an educator and beautician I want to inspire you to become a forget me not.

 As a makeup artist, the people who I look to for inspiration are just as eclectic as my taste in music. I love artist like Beauty is boring, Mooshodat, Pat McGrath, Julie Bake, Chiao Li Hsu. After coming this far in I have noticed that tutors have in their own unique way have had a massive influence on me as well and I look to them for inspiration depending on the look I am trying to envision. Each person has their own style which is scroll stopping and doesn’t fall into the generic Instagram look that everyone copies and regurgitates on a daily basis. From looking at them I am encouraged to explore my creativity but most importantly create a look with my client that they will love.

 I plan to gain as much experience as possible in all fields of Makeup but my focus will be on gaining more experience on photo shoots and fashion shows as I now have a greater understanding of how it should all run and it will fit in better around any future TV work that I will undertake. I will also be incorporating my previous skills as a teacher and beauty therapist into my business through 1 to 1 or small group sessions. 

 Our Ultimate Pro students are now CLMA graduates and fully qualified in Makeup, Hairstyling and SFX… we couldn’t be prouder of them, in twelve short weeks they have come so far! The CLMA family cannot wait to watch them grow and continue to nurture their careers. 

 If the above inspires you and you want to pursue your dreams like Kelly and Faye call us on 0161 92 9111 for an informal chat or book an Academy tour with one of our amazing staff…The one person stopping you from following your dreams is yourself!  






Cassie Lomas