michelle yates- finishing school

I recently completed the Academy’s ‘Finishing School’ course and I feel like it was the best decision I’ve ever made career wise. I’ve been working in the industry for 5/6 years but there were so many things that I still needed to know. Cassie’s course provided me with so many pieces of important information to help me progress further and both Cassie and her team were amazing in delivering every part including aspects of business and skills progression. I felt welcomed from the start and will definitely be staying in touch with the team in the future. Thanks again for everything CLMA x

aimee twist- finishing school

I just completed the finishing school and absolutely loved it! Cassie and her team are all so supportive and really care about taking your careers to the next level. All the tutors are amazing and have something to offer when it comes to career progression. I found that a lot of people in this industry really don't want to be honest about how they got where they are today and that really isn't the case at CLMA, as they all couldn't do enough to help you. I would love to stay on and study for longer, as I feel you would learn something everyday! Couldn't recommend more!

tina jones- ultimate pro makeup artistry

The content of the Ultimate Pro Make Up Artistry Course is fantastic. You learn everything there is to know about Make Up and the industry. Cassie Lomas has condensed everything she has learnt throughout her career and compacted it into 12 weeks! From knowing nothing about make up on the 1st day, to opening (with the help of Cassie) a Make Up Bar is like a dream come true! This course has been life changing, and my confidence has grown not only in make up but in the knowledge that I can achieve anything if I put my mind to it and work hard. have made new friends from the course, including Cassie who is always willing to help. This course is worth every penny and more !!!

catherine carroll- bridal & occasion makeup

I finished my course at the end of Jan I enjoyed every minute of it. Cassie is so inspiring but everyday tutor was amazing and taught something different. You don’t only learn about make up you learn about yourself and finally at 41 years old I’m doing something I turely enjoy. This is a respected qualification in the industry plus you leave with an amazing kit of brushes and make up from leading brands like mac and bobby brown. I am now working as a make up artist and loving it.

rebecca shuttleworth- ultimate pro makeup artistry

It was the best experience!!!! I absolutely loved coming here. All the tutors were amazing.. you get to meet the best people! I learnt so much and I’m super excited now to start a career doing what I love the most! I finished my course mid December 2018 and still now I can message all the girls and there still here to help me with anything. I couldn’t recommend this course any more! Best decision of my life.

kat robbins- ultimate pro makeup artistry

I cannot recommend The academy any higher. I have just completely the Ultimate Pro course and I can quite categorically say it's the best decision I've ever made from start to end. From the start of the course the tutors were always helping and supporting our career as well as teaching us. Cassie has gathered a fantastic and diverse group of tutors to teach us; which has been amazing as we have now been exposed to all the different paths we could take. Cassie herself is incredible. Starting the course I had no idea how much we would see of her but I have been so thrilled at her passion for us to achieve success and her support for us all personally. Cassie, the tutors and the girls who work at the academy have been there for us every step of the way if we have needed help, having a bad day, having a great day or just want a chat! It honestly feels like a second home, and I cannot wait to go back there, even though I have finished the course I know it's not goodbye.

I have learnt so many skills on this course in both makeup and hair and feel completely confident now I am freelance makeup artist to run my own business and succeed in the industry.

If you are thinking about doing a course with Cassie at the academy, don't even second guess it. It's the best decision I've ever made and I guarantee you'll love it too. x

andrea daley- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Brilliant place to learn everything you could want to know about make up. All of the tutors were fab and made me feel really welcome and at ease. I was a total beginner and came away feeling confident and excited about all aspects of make up. Wish I could go back!!!

jessica carswell- bridal & occasion makeup

Completing my course at Cassie Lomas Make-Up Academy was 1000% the best thing I ever did.

I completed the Bridal and Occasion Course along with the Hair Course and some private lessons, I love the energy in the Academy, everyone is warm and welcoming for the get go! The tutors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

The course I chose was completely bespoke! (One of the reasons I chose to study here) we didn’t just learn about face shapes, colour correction and desired looks, there was a full day on business and etiquette...I believe this has really helped me with my own business!

I’m now working in the industry and hoping to complete more courses at Cassies, the support given to me once I left is also another reason I chose to study here! There really is an open door policy, Cassie and the team are always just a call away! I can’t wait to carry on attending masterclasses and maybe even doing another course!

Thanks Cassie and the Team for carving my new career and the constant support 😊 x

stephanie skidmore- bridal & occasion makeup

Everything about it is amazing. Everyone is so lovely and helpful. All the tutors are lovely . Every single person who I spoke to as helped me so much. So much more than a make up course. Anyone thinking of a career in make up CLMA is the best

karen niblock- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Completing the ultimate pro course has completely changed my life. I never dreamt I could be doing things like I am and the training and support of the tutors and staff is next to none ❤️
Cassie and her team are there to help at anytime. The best decision I’ve made x

ceri wyn- bridal & occasion makeup

Completed the bridal and occasion course back in September and haven't stopped since! Its given me the confidence I was seeking and also a platform and skills required to create a successful career as a makeup artist. The tutors made me feel at ease in a relaxing and calming environment. I'm glad I decided to follow this course, best decision I've made!

megan lawless- ultimate pro makeup artistry

I can’t recommend the academy highly enough. I’ve just completed the ultimate pro artistry course, and I am a completely different person to what I was at the beginning. I’ve not only learnt a huge amount but my confidence in everything has grown massively in just 12 weeks. This is due to the incredible support from the immensely talented tutors teaching at the academy. Not only do you get taught a vast amount about the industry, you get support for life. One of the amazing things about this course is the aftercare, which I think is so important, the tutors are there for you whenever you need a little advice or just a chat. Everyone at the academy is so lovely and warm, it’s like a big family. I have met friends for life. Studying at CLMA was the best decision I ever made.

aga szewczyk- finishing school

Training at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy was the best thing I ever did. I’ve met so inspirational artists and made new friends.
The course was amazing and the support you receive during and after you training is invaluable. Thank You so much to Cassie and all the girls at CLMA for being a part of this amazing experience. If you want a successful career in makeup there is no better place to start. It is the best makeup school.

natalie clayton- glam & go

LOVED my time at the academy! Really inspiring you be taught by ex students who were once in my position but are now teaching and doing make up as their full time job! Thanks everyone xx

louisa parry- bridal & occasion makeup

Just finished the bridal and occasion course and I loved every minute of it. Such a great team that were so professional, approachable, highly experienced, and fully answered my limitless questions! Highly recommend the academy if you want a great start to your new career!!

kerry ellis- ultimate pro makeup artistry

I can’t recommend the academy enough! After 12 weeks there it has become my second home! Cassie & her tutors have a huge passion for what they do, and that shows in their dedication and support for all the students! If you are considering attending one of their fabulous courses DO IT! I never thought i would be capable of what I’ve achieved and I couldn’t of done it without the support of everybody from CLMA! 100% the best decision I’ve ever made!

nicky morris- bridal & occasion makeup

If you want to train to be a Make up artist look no further. This place changed my life. The courses are amazing and the support you receive during and after your training is invaluable. The tutors are inspirational and Cassie makes sure she gets to know each and everyone of her students. I have made life long friends and can not thank them enough. Get booking and it will honestly change your life too!

jasmine dean- bridal & occasion makeup

I attended the bridal and occasional makeup course. I had no experience with make up previously and now I am booked most weekends for weddings and I am having to turn clients down from being fully booked. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help from all the tutors. Although you are taught in a small group you still feel like you get that one on one guidance.

jenna williams- hairstyling for makeup artists

I have just recently finished the 2 week Hair Styling course and I absolutely LOVED IT! I never knew I could learn so many skills in only 2 weeks. There was never a dull moment, we was hands on everyday and always learning something new. If you want to learn amazing skills in a short period of time, then trust me this is the place to come!

stephanie pearson- finishing school

CLMA re-started my career after having my son. I attended the finishing school as I was already trained as an makeup artist but really needed to kick start my career again. The support was fantastic and I improved my technique dramatically. I was finally able to charge the prices I always wanted to - and came away having gained to confidence to build a good quality portfolio. Months after training I was working with some of the most sought after brands to work with in Manchester. I will always cherish this challenging but rewarding time I had here - and I came away with some lovely friends who I continue to support and who support me.

heather masson- finishing school

Training at CLMA was the best thing I ever did. Once you step foot in the academy you will feel the lovely warm yet professional atmosphere. The whole team at the academy will help boost you up and give you the confidence you need to succeed in this industry. The teachers are all incredible and even to this day, 2 years on I am still receiving their support. I even pop back in as a graduate every now and then for a catch up; the team love to see you doing well! I could not have found a better place to start my makeup career!

becky tipton- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Absolutely loved this course! I did the 12 week ultimate pro course and it was the best decision ever! It helped me grow in my confidence, all the tutors were absolutely amazing and so super helpful and I met some true friends for life! Couldn’t recommend more highly!

alice gittins- hairstyling for makeup artists

The BEST hair & makeup academy!! I did the 2 week hairstyling course & come away from it so much more confident with hair. The tutors and everyone at the academy were amazing and I’ve learnt so many tips & tricks which you just wouldn’t have known without having done the course. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to perfect hairstyling!

sarah ward- ultimate pro makeup artistry

If you’re looking for a career as a makeup artist then there is literally NO other place for you to start your career. I completed the Ultimate Pro 12 week course and it completely and utterly changed my life from the moment I stepped in. I completely changed my career path from working in finance to taking a leap and starting a brand new career in makeup and I’m now living my dream! I was so nervous when I first started that i wouldn’t good at makeup and that I wouldn’t have any support after I left but the after care at the academy is amazing and Cassie makes sure that everyone who leaves is ready to walk into the makeup industry with an inside out knowledge of makeup. I have learnt so many skills on this makeup course it’s hard to believe that you can believe so much in just 12 weeks but the tutors and the lessons are so intense and you learn so much! All the tutors Are makeup artists in the industry working for some really big names and it’s so interesting to learn different tips and tricks from so many talented artists. The team in the office are also so warm and friendly and it felt like a second home and we were one big family!! The last day was so emotional but I cannot wait to start this journey. I can’t thank Cassie and her team enough for changing my life. If you want to work in makeup and you’re looking for somewhere to complete a makeup course then look nowhere else!!!!

caroline potter- fashion makeup

I’ve loved my time at The Cassie Lomas Make Up Academy. I originally completed the Bridal Course, but wanted further training to become a better artist so I have just completed the Fashion Make Up Course. The training you receive at Cassie’s is by far the best around, the support you receive both during and after is something not offered by other training providers and the tutors at Cassie’s go above and beyond to help you during your time training. I’ve met so amazing artists, made new friends and I’m so proud of the work I completed . Cassie and the team will work your hard, but it is all completely worth it and you be glad they pushed you

amy betteridge- ultimate pro makeup artistry

The very BEST place to train! CLMA doesn't just help you develop your skills as an artist it also sets you up for a career in the industry.

You're taught by the best tutors all currently working in different aspects of the industry. Cassie is so hands on and always available for support. What attracted me to the academy was the family feel and how all the team care about you as an artist and an individual. I wish I could go back and do it all over again

anthony blackledge- hairstyling for makeup artists

I have been hairdressing for over 25 years, & as the times are changing I wanted to add make up to my skills & to assist me as a salon owner. I like to keep up to date & fresh with the latest trends. I attended Cassie lomas Make up Academy and honestly I couldn’t of been happier loved the course & it covered everything I needed to know to get me started on my make up adventure! Cassie & the girls were so inspirational I came away feeling fabulous, confident & ready for anything 🙌 .
If your looking to start a career in this amazing industry.. this is where you need to be

jackie morris- ultimate pro makeup artistry

If you're looking for the perfect makeup course then this is the best place to study! I previously completed a makeup course for 2 months and I left not knowing anything and was so nervous and scared about what steps to take after leaving. When I started at CLMA I was so nervous but the entire experience has completely changed me for the better, I am so confident now, I can literally walk onto any set and I just know what to do. I am so confident with makeup now and it's all thanks to the amazing tutors!! All the tutors are working makeup artists who work with really big clients and it's really inspiring and interesting to learn so many different techniques from so many talented artists. Not to mention they are some of the loveliest people I've ever met.

I think anyone looking to start a career in makeup should do it, even if you've never picked up a brush before, it doesn't matter as all the students are taught from scratch. Even if you are a pro makeup artist, Cassie will still take you back to basics to make sure that you are taught the way Cassie knows best. The best thing was that I am older and I decided one day to completely change my career path and follow my dream to be a Makeup Artist and it really doesn't matter what age you are. I was on a course with 18 year olds and the ages went up to 42 and we all bonded really well. The team in the office are also so warm, friendly and loving and make you feel like one big family.

Since leaving the Academy my career in Makeup has gone from strength to strength. I am so busy and loving life! If you are thinking of changing your career this is the place to be. Best Makeup Courses in the world, the amount you learn and the support and aftercare is second to none!

Thank you CLMA! xxxxxxxxx

amy burrows- bridal & occasion makeup

Had the best time training at Cassie lomas on a one to one basis doing the bridal course last year!! Everyone was so lovely and very helpful Evan when you have passed an left the academy. I would definitely recommend this academy 100%

jenna williams- fashion makeup

Cassie Lomas Make-Up Academy is definitely the best place to develop the best skills in make-up artistry. Taught by amazing tutors, making you feel comfortable, pushing you to be the best you can and to never give up. Throughout the course you will be challenged and get to understand how hard it is in the make-up industry. Cassie and the skilled team are there for you every step of the way and also after you finish the course too. All in all, CLMA is the place to be if you want amazing support throughout your Make-up Career.

thembi mkandla- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Since training here 7 years ago, my career has come on leaps and bounds. The support, aftercare and opportunities i have been given from Cassie and the team are incredible! CLMA definitely gives you all the skills, tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the industry! It really is the best makeup school!!!

emily wood- ultimate pro makeup artistry

This training has provided me with a reliable and solid foundation upon which I continue to build! I wanted to refine my raw skills so went to train at CLMA almost four years ago, a highly regarded institution which has improved my technique and taken it to the next level. I really value the opportunities this course gave me. Its essential whilst studying for anything, that you are able to have a taste of what the real industry is like, which is exactly what this course intends to do. Being able to experience professional photoshoots whilst receiving help and support from some of the most talented, experienced Makeup Artist around prepares you so much. You leave CLMA with a vast selection of well practiced tools to maintain efficiency and quality in your Makeup career. Cannot encourage you to study here enough!!!!!


From the first time I spoke Cassie I knew I wanted to be part of her school. She made me BELIEVE. When she was teaching us and sharing her experiences I felt star struck.

Not only Cassie but all the tutors in this academy are working Makeup Artists, so they help you with the latest trends and latest makeup products. There are a lot of YouTube tutorials but there is no comparison learning it in person at a school. The setting of this school is very intimate. You can ask as many questions as any times without feeling intimidated. These 2 weeks have been the most amazing in my life. I'm still having withdrawal symptoms.

All I can say to sum up my experience is that "Beauty is power, and makeup is something that really enhances that; CLMA is the secret to get that power".


I have just finished my 8 week Fashion course which has been the best experience ever! The course is intense and you learn so much but the standard Of teaching is so high. Anyone considering make up artistry I would highly recommend this make up school. You are trained by amazing tutors who currently work in the industry Thembi is amazing!! Cassie also teaches you herself which is such a pleasure . Honestly best thing I have done be prepared to work hard as they want you to be the best you can be! Thanks so much CLMA it’s been a pleasure.

rosie hopkinson- bridal & occasion makeup

Not only did I learn so much during my time here, I grew as a person and my confidence blossomed. Anyone who has been wanting to follow their dream and learn about makeuo artistry, this is the place for you. Everyone is warm and welcoming and the advice and skills you learn mean you can start working straight away. Best decision I ever made. Thank you CLMA.

kate gateley- ultimate pro makeup artistry course

I trained at CLMA 3 years ago and I would not be where I am in my career without the amazing support not only during the course but afterwards too. From the start to the finish the whole team are always there for help and advice. With the support of Cassie and all the tutors I have built my career up and I am living my dream. If you want a successful career in makeup there is no better place to start your career than with Cassie, you will make some amazing friends along the way too!!

jess kordecki- ultimate pro makeup artistry course

I did the Fashion Makeup Course at CLMA and I can honestly say it was the best decision I ever made. My Makeup career totally took off after I graduated and Cassie has nurtured me ever since. Thank you!!

jenna davidson- glam & go

Being a sufferer of cerebral palsy and battling with a stutter everyday the anxiety kicked in , worrying about meeting new people and panacking how id cope with my physical condition but as soon as i walked in i was greeted with such warmth and welcoming smiles from cassies team who where so quick to make me feel at home! So much support was given from every tutor , including cassies PA lydia and cassie herself! Cassie took the time to learn about my dissability, she filled me with conffidence and helped me work around any problems i came accross! A fab school with amazing tutors and amazing aftercare! Couldnt reccomend enough.
Im so excited to get started in my new career and i cant wait to start another course at CLMA.

lorna reed- ultimate pro makeup artistry

I have completed one course and I am currently half way through my second course. The knowledge and training from the tutors is second to none. If you are looking for a future in makeup, this is the place to train.

corinne gibbons- finishing school

I have recently completed the finishing school with Cassie Lomas and I can't believe how much I learnt in 5 days, and how much it gave me a better insight into the makeup industry. Cassie was so inspiring and made you master every detail you found the most difficult. Thembi and Emily both fantastic artists/teachers and sharing their knowledge. The whole CLMA team went above and beyond and made me feel very welcome, I didn't want to leave! Worth every penny, thank you SO much ladies!


CLMA gives the most fantastic knoladge and specific industry standard education into the makeup industry. This academy provides artists with real industry experience which I feel other academies cannot provide. When you leave the academy I truly believe the confidence you gain from all of the tutors is just what you need to break into the industry.


It’s big step taking the plung to following dream. Becoming makeup is not easy it’s hard working and dedication and if you have the passion you will succeed and that’s what Cassie and the team teach you. Cassie herself and artists thembis Rachel Lynsey Laura Emmy & more you get taught by teach you to highest skill they can. With the office girls Laura sophie always there to have laugh with. Thank you Cassie lomas academy! Hope to see you soon b.mills.mua xx


I loved my time at CLMA had some brilliant teachers and was just a really friendly environment and even when completed my course the Academy have still been on hand to offer support


CLMA is great place to learn and explore new and old makeup tricks. I’ve learnt so much already from here and much more to come. Would definitely recommend for people who are just starting their new career paths or want to learn more.


Absolutely the best place on Earth to train to be a makeup artist or hairstylist. Thank you to Cassie and the team for a fab two weeks, I can’t believe just how much I have learnt! You are all so wonderful and down to Earth. Lots of love to you all and see you soon. After attending the Hairstyling course at CLMA last year, I decided to do the Finishing course. The best decision I made to further my career in makeup. Not only did I learn more about makeup but the business side and the advice from Cassie & Sophie was incredible, just wow! I feel so much more confident in terms of what I want to do with my makeup career. I’d just like to thank everyone of the CLMA team for a fabulous experience. Anyone thinking about a career in makeup, 100% train here. They nurture careers, their standards are the best and the aftercare is unreal, something you’ll rarely get from any other academy. If I could rate them more than 5 stars I would. So so happy


Literally had the BEST week in MCR and the MOST professional training at CLMA. I would SO recommend the academy for all of the following reasons:
- the highly professional etiquette shown by all staff (including Cassie herself)
- the lovely, down to earth and helpful nature of all staff
- being trained by current, industry MUAs who were amazing
- the amazing range of products in the academy kit
- the amazing range of products in my starter kit

Honestly - I couldn’t recommend CLMA more!
Don’t bother booking a course at your local college or local beauticians because its half the price or £100-200 because you just will not get the high standard of professional training and the cost is SO, SO worth it!

rachael wood- bridal & occasion makeup course

I absolutely loved my time at CLMA. I would highly recommend the bridal and occasion make up course to anyone looking for a career in make up.

emily lawton- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Amazing academy, I’ve completed two courses here and the tutors knowledge is exceptional. Very professional experience all round.

lydia reed- finishing school

CLMA is hands down the best make up academy i’ve been too (and i’ve done a fair few!). I was only on a week long course but i learnt more in that one week then i did anywhere else, the in depth knowledge cassie and the other amazing tutors give you is second to none, cassie goes above and beyond to make sure the course is suited best for your needs. We had a photoshoot at the end of out course, the photographer and models were absolutely amazing, im over the moon with how the pictures turned out and im so excited to start my career in editorial and fashion make up! Would highly recommend going here to anyone that is unsure, it was the best decision of my make up career!

hannah cliffe- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Currently half way through the Ultimate Pro evening course, learnt so much in such a short amount of time, the support and knowledge from tutors is second to none

mary bedford- ultimate pro makeup artistry

Amazing course, amazing tutors, would definitely recommend this course for anyone looking to start a career in makeup!

laura gibb- ultimate pro makeup artistry

I trained at CLMA 6 years ago and I would not be where I am in my career without the amazing support not only during the course but afterwards too. The whole team are always there for advice even after your course finishes! The tutors are amazing and are happy to share all their industry tips and tricks with you. I highly recommend Cassie’s if you want a successful career in makeup. It’s a pleasure to still be a part of the CLMA family

cara bonnon- bridal & occasion makeup/ ultimate pro makeup artistry

What a amazing year I have had since My Bridal and Special Occasions Course at Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy, in May last year.
I have gone from not knowing anything about being a makeup artist, to being lucky enough to be working backstage at London Fashion Week ...this coming September 2018 (SS19). Thankyou so much to-

-Cassie Lomas for giving me the opportunity study at her famous academy.

-All the tutors- It was such a onner to be taught by the top celebrity Make-up artists within the industry... I learnt so much from you all.

-For all the girls I trained with me at the academy...I wouldn't of wanted to study beside anyone else. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey/experience with me...such amazing people and am so glad that we're still good/close friends, a year later.

If you want to start your career in the Make-up industry, then Cassie Lomas Makeup Academy is the place for you.

alessandra muroni- fashion makeup

Cassie Lomas Make-Up Academy is the right place for getting a foot in the world of makeup artistry.
You will find excellent and amazing tutors who give their time and their invaluable experience for training you as a pro.
CLMA is a vibrant environment where you can learn and express your creativity. In 6 weeks you'll be challenged, you'll work hard, understanding how hard is the world of the makeup industry, whereas you'll learn skills that will be precious once you'll start your career.
Because Cassie and her team believe in creating and nurturing new talents.
As such, CLMA is the best place in Manchester for learning this marvelous art.

sarah whalley- fashion makeup

Lovely people, very informative courses and excellent after course support